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I-380 Eco Bus Evolution

Thanks to valuable feedback from Cedar Rapids officials, the framework for the I-380 Eco Bus is evolving.  In fact, during our meeting last week, I learned about a temporary mass transit solution that the Iowa DOT is pursuing during work on the I-80 – I-380 interchange. Therefore I-Renew revised our proposal to Corridor communities as follows:

The Iowa Renewable Energy Association would like to partner with I-380 Corridor Communities and workplaces in solving the growing I-380 congestion problem. We were excited to learn about plans underway to set up a temporary mass transit solutions during the I-80 to I-380 interchange project.

We have a proposal for a long-term, permanent mass transit solution, the I-380 Eco Bus System. In fact, we have plans to gather important information from the public about this solution that could produce long-term taxpayer savings. Furthermore, this solution could convert a growing problem into an economic engine for the area.


Help us do the following:

  1. Spread the word along the corridor about the temporary and permanent mass transit solutions
  2. Gather commuter information via surveys like this.
  3. Demonstrate potential buses at events so commuters can start to visualize a commuter experience

Read the revised I-380 Eco Bus post.