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Board of Directors

Point Person
Tamra Rae

Tamra Rae has been serving with the I-Renew Board since January 2019. Ordained Minister and Earth Steward currently providing Spiritual Advancement services at PrismsScape Gems and Healing Center in Iowa City. Graduate of the University of Iowa with a Bachelors in Business Management. Most recent schooling in Holistic Health practices. Tamra carries a passion for empowering individuals to be their best selves while contributing to the growth of Community. Providing inspiration to develop and implement sustainable strategies for living in harmony with our planet while meeting the Basic Human Needs.
Carrie Lane

Carrie Lane has been on the I-Renew board since January 2019. She grew up on a farm near Cascade, Iowa, then received her Bachelor’s degree at The University of Iowa. She is a former elementary teacher who is currently a Kindergarten General Education Paraprofessional in Cedar Rapids Community School District. She also works as a freelance curriculum designer. Carrie believes renewable energy is one of the most effective solutions for a sustainable future.
Awareness Agent
David “Gus” Gustafson

David “Gus” Gustafson has been on the I-Renew board since September 2017. He is a team manager of client services at Channel Fusion in Hiawatha.  He got a Bachelor’s degree in French Language and an International Business Certificate from the University of Iowa. Gus believes that renewable energy is vital to reversing human-caused climate damage, but that human-caused climate change is just a symptom of a deeper problem.  Lifting each other up with consistent acts of kindness and love should be the center-piece of our climate activism.
Current Position: Awareness Agent
Previous Positions: Secretary, Vice-President
Chris Kottman

Chris Kottman has been on the I-Renew board in January 2019. He grew up in Cedar Rapids and graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in Asian & Slavic Languages and Literature studying Chinese. He is a former ESL teacher and has spent time living and teaching in Taiwan. Chris now works alongside Gus at Channel Fusion as an Account Program Specialist. He believes that renewable energy is a vital and inevitable resource we desperately need to invest ourselves in.
Marketing and Entertainment
Craig Tierney

Craig Tierney has been on the I-Renew board since Fall 2019. He was born in Iowa, and has lived in Denver, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Marketing/Marketing Management at The University of Iowa Tippie College of Business. He worked in film production for over 10 years in California, primarily as a camera operator, and editor. He returned to Iowa in 2013, and currently works at Channel Fusion in Hiawatha. He has always felt that a strong commitment to leaving the next generation with a world they can not only survive in, but one that they can thrive in, is of the utmost importance. He feels our best chance of doing so is through sustainable living and renewable energy, which is why he joined I-Renew in the fall of 2019. His goals include helping make renewable energy a priority locally so that we can hopefully inspire that same mentality globally.
Kadie Yale

Kadie Yale has been on the I-Renew board since January 2019. Since 2005, she has been involved in the research, utilization, and education of sustainability in the design and architecture worlds. She has written on the subject for magazines such as Interiors+Sources, Metropolis, and Contract Magazine. Additionally, she has taught six semesters of the course Global Issues in Design at Parsons the New School. In particular, she is passionate about understanding the ways in which the world can be positively impacted by sustainable practices in the building sector and educating people on the available science. Her favorite thing is to teach small children about sustainability and renewable energy in age-appropriate ways just as she was taught as a child.

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