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The Iowa Renewable Energy Association is proud to partner with the following organizations to help achieve our mission to educate Iowans on renewable energy technologies and support new policies encouraging renewable energy development.


prairiewoods logo

Prairiewoods Franciscan Spirituality Center opened its doors in July of 1996 as a ministry of the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration of La Crosse, Wisconsin. The land had been purchased years earlier by the community.

The foundational vision for this center, with its 30 acres of prairie and 40 acres of woodlands, is the integration of spirituality and ecology based on the new story of the universe and the writings of Thomas Berry, Brian Swimme and similar authors.

The construction of the main Center Building, Guest House and Staff Residence included such ecological features as the use of natural materials, insulating berms around buildings and renewable energy wherever possible. The founding sisters established a schedule for gradual restoration of prairie sites and ecological practices meant to protect the environment.

I-Renew and Prairiewoods joined forces to create the Iowa Renewable Energy Training Center (IRETC) on Prairiewoods’ grounds. I-Renew received a $50,000 grant from the Iowa Power Fund Community Grants Program through the Office of Energy Independence to fund the construction of a building featuring a solar array roof and solar thermal water heater. The facility is located on Prairiewoods’ grounds near the kitchen garden.

Learn more about the training center here.



Iowa Shares is a statewide coalition of social change, environmental and cultural nonprofit organizations raising funds through workplace giving. Iowa Shares members give direct services and create progressive, long-lasting resources for our children and communities.

By addressing the root causes of problems, member organizations build better communities in Iowa and the world. Iowa Shares promotes a positive, progressive message that is empowering and inclusive of all people.

Cooperative fundraising through workplace giving is a low-cost, effective way to raise needed funds. It is easy for donors to give substantial gifts by utilizing payroll deduction. It offers more choices and increases the total amount given within the workplaces. It provides a major portion for many of the smaller organizations within Iowa Shares and augments special programs for other members.

I-Renew has partnered with Iowa Shares to build the coalition of member non-profits and connect them with with the public to help make a direct impact on our communities through research, education, advocacy and direct service.

Learn more about Iowa Shares here.


EPSCor Logo

The University of Iowa is among several institutions participating in a 20 million, five-year grant program to build Iowa’s research capacity in renewable energy and energy efficiency. The grant was awarded by The National Science Foundation in 2011 as part of the Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR), a federal program designed to improve the research capacity of eligible states or regions, making them nationally competitive for future grants.

The research program’s vision is to establish Iowa as a leader in the worldwide transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources.

The Iowa Renewable Energy Association and the Iowa EPSCor have partnered on the Imagine Energy Traveler.  This demonstration trailer features and demonstrates an assemblage of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies. See the Imagine Energy Traveler at various events around Iowa.

Learn more about the Imagine Energy Traveler here.