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Ask Your Mayor to Apply for this Federal grant

https://www.transit.dot.gov/funding/grants/lowno Electric buses powered by the sun or wind IDOT can help them apply Jim Throgmorton Mayor of Iowa City Ph: 319-621-9391 jim-throgmorton@iowa-city.org Terry Donahue Mayor of North Liberty (319) 626-3774 mayor@northlibertyiowa.org John Lundell Mayor of Coralville Ph: 319.248.1700 jlundell@coralville.org Nicolas AbouAssaly Mayor of Marion Ph. 319-743-6305 Bradley G. Hart Cedar Rapids Mayor 319-286-5051 319-775-7938 b.hart@cedar-rapids.org Bill Bennett Mayor of …

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I-380 Eco Bus Evolution – 2018 Imagine Energy Traveler Events limited to I-380 Corridor


April 9: I-Renew’s 2018 Plan Work with East Central Council of Governments (ECICOG) and Iowa Department of Transportation (IDOT) to help make Express Transit successful Promote the Federal low or zero emissions mass transit vehicles program in the I-380 Corridor, asking residents to encourage their City officials to apply for this grant Work with IBEW, ISETA and I-380 communities to …

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We need to keep contacting our representatives

They keep trying to kill the solar tax credit and energy efficiency programs. Read more   Notes about League of Women Voters (LWV) Legislative Forums: Men can be members of LWV too. You don’t get the chance to ask public questions. The questions representatives answer are based on the interests of attendees of the prior forum. You need to bring …

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International Visitors at the Jordan Solar Center

On Wed. Feb 21, President of the Board, Don White was honored to present to an Internation Delegation. They came to learn about the history of the organization, its evolution and how we have been able to stay viable for over twenty years.

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Let’s make 2018 the year of the I-380 Eco Bus

The 1-380 economic development engine that will save $millions of tax dollars and employ people in the I-380 “Imagine Energy” Corridor (Eco Bus) System is a solution that attacks the source of local and global problems. The local problem of stormwater runoff increasingly contributing to flooding events is attacked by reducing the need to widen I-380. The global problem of …

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Action Alert – Support Clean Energy in the US


  Call the offices of your U.S. Representative and your U.S. Senators today, either at their Washington, D.C., offices, or at their in-state offices, to urge them to support climate action. This is part of a National Day of Climate Action sponsored by Citizens Climate Lobby to support CCL’s proposal for a “carbon fee and dividend.”

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Prairewoods and I-Renew, partners from the beginning

I-Renew and Prairewoods have grown up together. I-Renew was founded in 1992 and Prairiewoods was founded in 1996. I encourage all Iowans to stop by for an Eco-Spirituality tour on the Prairewoods grounds in Hiawatha. It is truly an oasis of nature and tranquility. While on your tour, the northern-most buildings on the campus are two straw-bale hermitages powered by …

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I-380 Eco Bus System

Economic development engine that will save $millions of tax funds and employ people in the I-380 “Imagine Energy” Corridor. (Eco Bus) Do you wake up in the morning dreading your commute to work? There are too many distracted drivers, commuting delays are on the rise and you cant ignore the environmental impact. Its time to turn the I-380 problem into a safe, …

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