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Posts focus on the vast portfolio of renewable energy solutions that can make renewable energy the primary source of energy

What’s the Rebate for Solar?

The Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) began in 2006 after it was put into effect by congress. Since then, the U.S. solar industry has grown by more than 10,000%! In 2015, a multi-year extension was enacted allowing homeowners and businesses to receive tax rebates on solar energy construction. Under Section 25D, homeowners can receive a 30% tax credit. But here’s …

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Let’s make 2018 the year of the I-380 Express Transit System

The 1-380 economic development engine that will save $millions of tax dollars and employ people in the I-380 “Imagine Energy” Corridor (Express Transit) System is a solution that attacks the source of local and global problems. The local problem of stormwater runoff increasingly contributing to flooding events is attacked by reducing the need to widen I-380. The global problem of …

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Express Transit Bus System

Economic development engine that will save $millions of tax funds and employ people in the I-380 “Imagine Energy” Corridor. (Eco Bus) Do you wake up in the morning dreading your commute to work? There are too many distracted drivers, commuting delays are on the rise and you cant ignore the environmental impact. Its time to turn the I-380 problem into a safe, …

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We have another important choice in November

Important Note: I am an energy voter and #EnergyVoter were developed to counter the fossil fuel industry’s “Vote4Energy” message.  “Vote for energy” needs to be about electing leaders who can transition the United States toward solutions that will grow a new sector of the world economy to solve a global problem.

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Energy Voter Video example

Let’s elect people who will enact policies that will spur on the rapid adoption of solar energy technologies. Share your #EnergyVoter video to

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Iowa moving towards 100% renewable energy production.

The Iowa Utilities Board has approved a $3.6 billion wind energy investment that will help convert the state’s power grid to clean energy. The Iowa Utilities Board has given MidAmerican Energy the green light for the utility’s plans for a $3.6 billion wind energy investment, the largest renewable energy project in the state. The project, first announced in April, is …

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Iowa poised for leading in bioenergy

What is bioenergy? Bioenergy or biomass typically refers to organic material such as crops, crop wastes, trees, wood waste and animal waste. Some examples of biomass include wood chips, corn, corn stalks, soybeans, switchgrass, straw, animal waste and food-processing by-products. Producing fuels and chemicals from biomass is not a new concept as biomass-based chemicals have been in use since the …

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Iowa leading in wind energy

Early in 2016 it was announced that Iowa now generates 31% of its energy from wind. The data comes from the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Officials said Iowa is the first and, currently, only state in the U.S. to cross the 30 percent mark. [source: kcci.com] Over the past decade, Iowa has attracted $11.8 billion in investment to build wind …

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Solar Jobs in Iowa 2015

The solarfoundation.org has compiled solar job statistics for each state in the United States for 2015. The following is a snapshot for Iowa:

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