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Strategic Initiatives

Think of your donation as a ‘vote’ for your preferred sustainability initiatives!

Jordan Solar Center
Imagine Energy Traveler (IET)

I-380 Eco Bus

The Jordan Solar Center (JSC) located at Prairiewoods in Hiawatha was finished in late 2010. Since then JSC hosted many solar PV and solar thermal installation workshops.  When it is operational again in 2017, monthly open houses are planned.

Your donation is a vote towards recruiting, training and retaining motivated volunteers to help host these open houses.

The IET features and demonstrates an assemblage of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies. The traveler will be deployed across the State of Iowa at various events and locations in an effort to educate Iowans about the technologies we can all employ to make energy efficiency and renewable energy the primary source of energy in Iowa!

Iowa EPSCoR funding for the traveler ended on Oct. 31, 2016. Your donation is a vote for the upkeep of a sustainable technology demo that travels statewide!

Partner with I-380 Corridor Communities and workplaces in solving the growing I-380 congestion problem, using renewable energy to power commuter buses. Read more.

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