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Inspirational CEO Helps I-Renew Roll Out New Scholarship

At the 2015 annual volunteer banquet, the I-Renew Board announce a new scholarship. According to Don White, Vice President of the Board,

Our success is directly dependent upon attracting and retaining volunteers across the great state of Iowa. Offering a scholarship to a volunteer who demonstrates leadership and a strong desire to make renewable energy the primary source of energy in Iowa is one way toward our success.

The Eric Foresman and Christine Nelson-Foresman scholarship has been established to honor the lifetime of service and contributions from these former Board members.

To kick of the event, Max Chinnah, graduate from Wartburg College and CEO of Terraoak, provided volunteers with inspiration by presenting “The Genesis Cooker” After his presentation the I-Renew Board presented Max with a $500 donation to help secure funding to develop a prototype for commercialization.

The new scholarship program was created to honor the lifetime of service of former Board members and current auxiliary Board members, Eric Foresman and Christine Nelson-Foresman.

Eric Foresman

  • Treasure 2005-2008
  • President 2008-2010
  • Secretary 2012-2014
Christine Nelson-Foresman

  • Secretary 2009-2012
  • Iowa Shares Board Representative 2010-2014

Other honorees who earned their certificates of achievement + Changers solar charger:

Harvey Laschke
Bryan Bailey
Sandra Jordan
Seth White
Martin Smith
Matthew Bradley
Jacob leary
Calvin Ottis
Mike Gorman