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Iowa’s leadership in wind energy technology creates jobs in the state.

energyvoter-image1_v2Iowa is a national leader in the wind manufacturing industry, with more than 15% of all manufacturing facilities in the country located in the Hawkeye State. The state also houses a robust and active wind energy supply chain that includes 75 companies supporting the production of all major wind turbine components.

Additionally, geographic proximity to other markets and multi-modal transport systems enable manufacturers to ship and receive turbine components. The Mississippi and Missouri rivers border the state and a provide valuable shipping asset for transporting large components in and out of Iowa. Turbine manufacturers have developed in strategic clusters in order to capitalize on these logistical and cost-saving assets, increase supply chain efficiencies and product high-quality products at competitive prices.  Wind industry clusters have emerged in Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, and Iowa City.

As demand for wind energy skyrockets, Iowa has the opportunity to expand the wind economy and employ an average of 10,000 Iowans annually over the next 15 years. If optimistic projections prove to be correct and Iowa’s wind companies are able to fill a larger share of their supply chain needs with in-state purchases, up to 153,000 direct, indirect and induced job-years will be supported.

Be an #EnergyVoter this election and vote for elected officials that will support continuing Iowa’s growth in the clean energy sector.  Learn more about the candidates here

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