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Legislative Forum Team

Join our Legislative Forum Team

The only way our representatives will pass laws that enable renewable energy to become the primary source of energy in Iowa is if we let them know we want that kind of future.

We partner with Iowa Solar Trade Association and Iowa Environmental Council on legislation for these causes and post updates, including links to specific bills on our Action Alerts page.

The legislative forums will not start up again until January 2019 so right now is a good time to build our team. In fact, if we can grow a team that shows support across the State of Iowa, we can start to proactively lobby our representatives before the forums start in 2019.

Showing Your Support

Attend at least 2 legislative forums in-a-row as follows:

  1. When provided stickers to place on issues you would like the legislative panel to discuss, place your sticker(s) on Renewable Energy and Workplace Giving For State Employees.  The issues that receive the most interest by attendees are what the legislative representatives will address at the NEXT forum. NOT the current forum.
  2. Submit questions about specific bills, based on information posted on Action Alerts and questions you may have after reading the actual bill from the link on the alert
  3. Attend the next forum in your area, repeating 1. and 2.
  4. If renewable energy and workplace giving received the most interest at the prior forum, the representatives will be asked asked questions pertaining to these issues. If not, they will be asked questions about other issues that had more interest. This is why we need to grow a team who regularly attends legislative forums.