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Let’s make 2018 the year of the I-380 Express Transit System

The 1-380 economic development engine that will save $millions of tax dollars and employ people in the I-380 “Imagine Energy” Corridor (Express Transit) System is a solution that attacks the source of local and global problems. The local problem of stormwater runoff increasingly contributing to flooding events is attacked by reducing the need to widen I-380. The global problem of excessive carbon dioxide in the earth’s carbon cycle is attacked by using solar power instead of fossil fuels to power the transit system.

When you attack the sources of problems it is surprising how quickly they go away.

For over twenty years the Iowa Renewable Energy Association has used the power of demonstration and education to spur on the growth of renewable energy adoption in Iowa. The I-380 Eco Bus System can be a working demonstration that many more Iowans can experience in action. Furthermore, it can save Iowans hard earned tax dollars.

This year the Imagine Energy Traveler will be traveling up and down the I-380 Corridor to events near you. We will be collecting valuable surveys to determine the level of interest and specific feedback that would make riding it attractive to you. Please look for the Imagine Energy Traveler at events this year. Stop by and take the quick survey to help us make the I-380 Eco Bus a reality.