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Become a Member

  • Be part of a coalition of Iowans who are trying to make renewable energy the primary source of energy in Iowa
  • Stay informed about exciting renewable energy-related events that are happening in Iowa
  • Network with people in Iowa who want to make a difference
  • Vote in Board members at the annual meeting

Now, you can become a member by sharing any page or post on irenew.org on your personal social media account. In fact, please do this regularly so we can reach more Iowans. However, if you cannot promote us, please make a donation to help fund our initiatives!  Donate

  • Enter the public Web address of your website, social media account, etc. where you are promoting the Iowa Renewable Energy Association. Ex. https://www.facebook.com/h2nowDon
  • What are you excited about, what would you like to be part of, what would you like us to do?
I-Renew is dedicated to the development of a diverse energy portfolio that includes energy efficiency and home-based renewable energy technologies, including wind, solar, and biomass. Our mission is to make renewable energy the primary source of energy in Iowa.


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