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We need to keep contacting our representatives

The solar tax credit is on the chopping block

Legislative leaders released updates to the tax reform bill today, and the bill proposes the elimination of Iowa’s solar tax credit program effective July 1, 2018.

It is critical you call your legislators and the Governor NOW.

Find your legislator at https://www.legis.iowa.gov/legislators/find, and then:

  • Call the Senate Switchboard at 515.281.3371.
  • Call the House Switchboard at 515.281.3221.
  • Contact Governor Reynolds and urge her to oppose this elimination and uphold her commitment to energy innovation. You can reach her energy staff lead Paige Thorson by phone (515-281-5211) or email (paige.thorson@iowa.gov).

Talking Points:

  • Iowa’s solar tax credit program is a case study for how a tax credit program should work – it benefits both rural and urban Iowans and has been utilized in all 99 counties.
  • The solar tax credit has been used heavily by farmers, businesses and residents alike.
  • This tax credit program has created investment of more than $166 million in Iowa.
  • The solar industry employs more than 800 people in Iowa, and these jobs will be threatened by the elimination of this program.
  • Iowa saw the third fastest solar job growth in the country last year.
  • Why is the solar industry getting hit twice by the Iowa legislature? Both Senate File 2311 and now the tax reform bill will have a drastic impact on this innovative and emerging industry in Iowa that provides high-skilled jobs all across the state.