• Dedicated to educating Iowans about the appropriate use of sustainable, renewable energy technologies

  • Partnering with other non-profits to support new policies encouraging renewable energy development

  • Working with policy makers, government agencies, and individuals to implement renewable energy programs

  • Our members are playing a major role in making Iowa a national leader in renewable energy

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Fall 2014 News & Events

Tell the politicians running for office about 4 promising alternatives to hydraulic fracturing and the keystone pipeline. Ames, IA could become the location of pilot energy system that would enable us to power the world with renewable sourcesNH3 Fuels Association Conference. These Collaborators are working on a Next-generation Energy Infrastructure that will enable the world to be powered 100% by …

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A Solar-powered EV Works Well in Iowa

By: Author of One Week To Save The Earth and former I-Renew Vice President, Marc Franke The EV battery replacement bug-a-boo … our unfounded, dark fears? Since I bought my first Electric Vehicle in Oct. 2013 (Nissan Leaf SV … license plate “GasFree”), I’ve answered a lot of questions from co-workers, friends and passers-by about EVs. One question that almost …

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Do We Have A Marketing Channel For Iowa Homes with Renewable Energy Features?

The Results: 69% of respondents own their homes but none had their homes appraised by an appraiser who demonstrated any knowledge of the value of renewable energy features 7% of respondents have homes with renewable energy features but 0%  found an appraiser who had knowledge of how to value renewable energy features The average number of years the respondents lived …

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