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  • Partnering with other non-profits to support new policies encouraging renewable energy development

  • Working with policy makers, government agencies, and individuals to implement renewable energy programs

  • Our members are playing a major role in making Iowa a national leader in renewable energy

Recent Posts

A Solar-powered EV Works Well in Iowa

By: Author of One Week To Save The Earth and former I-Renew Vice President, Marc Franke The EV battery replacement bug-a-boo … our unfounded, dark fears? Since I bought my first Electric Vehicle in Oct. 2013 (Nissan Leaf SV … license plate “GasFree”), I’ve answered a lot of questions from co-workers, friends and passers-by about EVs. One question that almost …

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Do We Have A Marketing Channel For Iowa Homes with Renewable Energy Features?

The Results: 69% of respondents own their homes but none had their homes appraised by an appraiser who demonstrated any knowledge of the value of renewable energy features 7% of respondents have homes with renewable energy features but 0%  found an appraiser who had knowledge of how to value renewable energy features The average number of years the respondents lived …

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Future of Energy

Watch 5 Reasons to Abandon Hydraulic Fracturing and the Keystone Pipeline: The Abundance of Solar Energy We Can Run The World On Renewable Sources Of Energy We Can Convert Atmospheric CO2 Directly Into Fuel Solar Powered Roads E-Cat (Low-energy Nuclear Reaction)

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