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Fuel Cell

Manufactured in 2002, the H Power EPAC-500 is a self-contained,  rack-mountable 500-Watt fuel cell power source, designed for outdoor or indoor use and intended initially for industrial customers. The unit can be mounted in a standard 19″ equipment rack and has 3 possible outputs – 120VAC at 60 Hz, 48V regulated DC and 48V unregulated DC. The system can be set to act as a stand-alone power source, or to self-start upon electrical grid failure. In its initial form, the unit is designed to run on compressed hydrogen from standard industrial cylinder.

The EPAC-500 utilizes a proton-exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell stack, which is a device that generates electricity efficiently and cleanly from the electrochemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen. The only other by-products of this process are water and heat.

Generously donated to I-Renew by Alliant Energy.

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