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Solar PV System

9 240w GlobalWatt Panels
Trace 5500w True Sine Wave Inverter
Trace DC Disconnect
Outback MPPT Charge Controller
AC Circuit Breaker
8 Interstate Deep Cycle 12v Batteries
Unirac Mounting

Our Solar PV system was installed in the Fall of 2010.When installing solar PV, it makes sense to install the system on top of something that will last as long as the PV system itself, so we went with metal roofing by Metal Monsters. Mounting the system was easy using clips that attach right to the metal roof. On top of the Unirac Mounting System, we installed nine 240 watt GlobalWatt PV Panels wired in three sets of three.

We have everything from the roof running to a Trace 5500Watt True Sine Wave Inverter and then a Trace DC Disconnect. From there we have a Outback MPPT Charge Controller which helps maximize our PV output by 30%, as well as makes sure out batteries don’t get overdrawn or over charged. In our battery bank we have eight Interstate Deep Cycle 12v Batteries. Power then runs to your standard AC Disconnect or Fuse Box.

The Iowa Renewable Energy Training Center is completely off-grid and ran off our 2.1 Kilowatt PV array and battery bank. It uses absolutely ZERO energy produced by dirty coal or nuclear. Just 100% all natural sunlight.

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