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I am an energy voter #EnergyVoter


“I am an energy voter.” Presidential elections always garner a large quantity of media coverage and pundit analysis; but let’s not forget the importance of the down ballot votes and make sure to be educated on the candidates for the Senate, House of Representatives and the state races as well. All are important to the future of our state and country.

The Iowa Renewable Energy Association does not endorse particular candidates, but but we encourage our members and fellow Iowans to be knowledgeable about each candidate’s stance and policies on renewable energy. We have gathered some information that we hope make it easier for you to understand each candidate’s policies and donation history on renewable energy. We encourage everyone to vote for the candidate they feel will best help our country to rely less on fossil fuels and transition to increased use of renewable energy.

So who’s on the ballot in your area? Ballotpedia.org is a great source for a complete listing on who will be on the ballot in your district. Just input your address on the main page to get a sample ballot of the candidates competing for your vote. You can then link to each candidate, and see their bio and history, including a voting history if they are the incumbent candidate. There are also links to the candidates’ official websites.

Who’s on your ballot?

The controversy over money in politics brings up another important issue over campaign contributions. The fossil fuel industry has been very active in contributing to candidates’ campaigns, but which candidates are accepting those funds and how much are they taking? Opensecrets.org has gathered a large amount of information on each current Congress member. This includes the top contributors and industries. By knowing how much each member accepted and from who, you can gather some insight on their policy support for different industries.

Who’s donating to my candidates?

Please take some time and learn more about the candidates in your district and their support of renewable energy and energy policies. We encourage everyone to register to vote and cast your ballot on November 8th.

Important Note: This page and #EnergyVoter was developed to counter the fossil fuel industry’s “Vote4Energy” message. “Vote for energy” needs to be about electing leaders who can transition the United States toward solutions that will grow a new sector of the world economy to solve a global problem.

Be an #EnergyVoter
Now that you know your candidates better, share your enthusiasm as a #EnergyVoter. Tell your friends and family why renewable energy policy is important to you. Share your thoughts, photos, or videos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with #EnergyVoter.

Post your reasons why you are a #EnergyVoter to the Iowa Renewable Energy Association’s Facebook page, and one randomly selected participant with receive Changers.com solar charger.