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Solarize: Cedar Rapids & Linn County solar buy group

Partnering with Midwest Renewable Energy Association and Linn County, the City of Cedar Rapids is participating in a solar group buy–the first in Iowa.

Between June and September, join one of twenty Solar Power Hours held across the County to learn about solar and the program. For those that choose to install solar, the total amount of kilowatts are aggregated for all participants (homes, businesses, farms), and participants achieve price reductions at the following milestones: 50kW, 150kW, 250kW, and 350kW.

Can Linn County reach 350kW? Urbana-Champaign, IL, reached 605kW last summer…so the answer is, “Yes, it can be done!”

Dates are being scheduled for Solar Power Hours now. Roughly 20 Solar Power Hours will be held across the County to provide basic education on Solar and how to get involved in the Group Buy. The Solar Installer, Alliant Energy, and City or County staff will also be present to field questions and provide guidance.

Contact Eric Holthaus at e.holthaus@cedar-rapids.org, or call 319-286-5927 to express interest in learning more.

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