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We have another important choice in November

Important Note: I am an energy voter and #EnergyVoter were developed to counter the fossil fuel industry’s “Vote4Energy” message.  “Vote for energy” needs to be about electing leaders who can transition the United States toward solutions that will grow a new sector of the world economy to solve a global problem.

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Energy Voter Video example

Let’s elect people who will enact policies that will spur on the rapid adoption of solar energy technologies. Share your #EnergyVoter video to

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Inspirational CEO Helps I-Renew Roll Out New Scholarship

At the 2015 annual volunteer banquet, the I-Renew Board announce a new scholarship. According to Don White, Vice President of the Board, Our success is directly dependent upon attracting and retaining volunteers across the great state of Iowa. Offering a scholarship to a volunteer who demonstrates leadership and a strong desire to make renewable energy the primary source of energy in Iowa …

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Raphael Schmuecker Memorial Solar Hydrogen System

On April 27, the world’s first dual renewable fueled tractor was unveiled in Blairstown, Iowa My five decades at the Jet Propulsion Lab, where we were challenged daily to do the un-doable, served me well in this endeavor, I wanted to collect solar energy to make hydrogen and fuel a working farm tractor, something that has not been done before.

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Future of Energy

Watch 5 Reasons to Abandon Hydraulic Fracturing and the Keystone Pipeline: The Abundance of Solar Energy We Can Run The World On Renewable Sources Of Energy We Can Convert Atmospheric CO2 Directly Into Fuel Solar Powered Roads E-Cat (Low-energy Nuclear Reaction)

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