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Investing in renewable energy is a key element of efforts to avert climate change

WHY DOES CUTTING EMISSIONS MATTER? Climate change has real and dangerous consequences for our health. Especially for children, the elderly, and the poor, who are the most vulnerable to a range of climate-related health effects, including those related to heat stress, air pollution, extreme weather events, and others. Cutting emissions will lead to billions of dollars in public health and …

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We have another important choice in November

Important Note: I am an energy voter and #EnergyVoter were developed to counter the fossil fuel industry’s “Vote4Energy” message.  “Vote for energy” needs to be about electing leaders who can transition the United States toward solutions that will grow a new sector of the world economy to solve a global problem.

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Iowa’s solar potential can spur the economy and create jobs

The past several years have been characterized by a surge of innovation and growth in the solar industry. Global PV installed capacity has increased by a factor of nearly seventy over the last decade, from 2.6 GW in 2004 to 177 GW in 2014. In the US, solar PV cells are a primary source of new electricity generating capacity. In …

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Iowa’s leadership in wind energy technology creates jobs in the state.

Iowa is a national leader in the wind manufacturing industry, with more than 15% of all manufacturing facilities in the country located in the Hawkeye State. The state also houses a robust and active wind energy supply chain that includes 75 companies supporting the production of all major wind turbine components. Additionally, geographic proximity to other markets and multi-modal transport …

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Iowa moving towards 100% renewable energy production.

The Iowa Utilities Board has approved a $3.6 billion wind energy investment that will help convert the state’s power grid to clean energy. The Iowa Utilities Board has given MidAmerican Energy the green light for the utility’s plans for a $3.6 billion wind energy investment, the largest renewable energy project in the state. The project, first announced in April, is …

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Countable: Making policy easier

As advocates for the environment and renewable energy, we want to make sure our voice is heard by our representatives. But keeping up with what bills are being debated in Congress and how our representatives are voting can be tedious and difficult. But now there’s an app for that. Countable is an app available for both Apple and Andriod phones …

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